Brunch Elopement


A brunch elopement. How utterly romantic.

Guarding age-old oaks rise up to the sky, giving shade and protection to a place of love. A place where lovers say “yes” to each other and where soul-mates become lifelong companions.

Deep looks, heartfelt kisses and tender touches; under the trees on the fields and at their table for two. They have each other and that´s all that counts, for their romantic elopement at sunrise.

A wildly appearing bouquet of flowers was chosen to be their witness, a witness of affection and affinity. To testify that this special morning will bring more than just a new day with it…

„There is something about the morning light that delights the senses and conjures feelings of intimacy, romance and organic elegance.“ party planner Colleen Kaufman of Cake Events Company told us excitedly.

„For this styled shoot, we sought inspiration from the natural beauty, warmth and architecture of springtime in Tuscany. Our creative team selected the fullest garden blooms, heirloom china and delicate linens to dawn the tablescape in hues of rose quartz, muted olive and dove gray. Accents of fruiting olives, Carrera marble and rose gold were used throughout for a dose of sophistication and timeless beauty. The organic brunch menu tied it all together, featuring the freshest flavors of spring, comfort food staples, a hand-painted Carrera marble cake and effervescent Prosecco cocktails.“

This is how California´s sleepy Circle Oak Ranch became a dreamy elopement location where party planner Colleen Kaufman of Cake Events Company and her team movingly showcased the love between soul mates.

Now let the magic of morning hours sink in, the great pictures by  Allie Lindsey Photography touch your hearts and the fascinating video by Emma Lynn Cinema make your day!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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ORGANISATION + PLANNING: Colleen Kaufman by Cake Events Company 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Allie Lindsey Photography
VIDEOGRAPHER: Emma Lynn Cinema
VENUE: Circle Oak Ranch
FLORAL: Carla Kayes Floral Design
STYLIST: CAKE Event Company
CAKE ARTISTRY: Laura Marie’s
TULLE SKIRT: Space 46 Boutique
HAIR ACCESSOIRES: Petals and Stones
HAIR + MAKE-UP: The Bridal Artist Agency
CATERING: Harvest Kitchen
FURNISHINGS: Rustic Events


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