Bohemian Beach Wedding Inspirations


The wind blows strong and the sun shines bright. The beach spreads deserted under their feet.

Shielding he takes her into his arms, wraps his jacket around her to keep her warm.

A little peck, smitten looks, intimate gestures – love doesn’t need any words – valuable and breakable it is a precious possession.

Their hands touch tenderly, he’s looking for her nearness. He whispers oaths of love in her ear, his breath tickles her skin.

Following the Bohemian’s steps they leave footprints in the sand, finding their way into luck.

We owe this adorable shooting among Netherlands dunes to the great photographers of Merve & Nils Photography.

They turned less into a lot to let this unique dune landscape speak for itself.

The result: stunning Bohemian-inspirations on breathtaking pictures that we can’t wait to share with you now!

Translation: Marina Jenewein

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FOTOGRAFIE: Merve & Nils Photography
BRAUTKLEIDER + SCHLEIER: Light & Lace Brautmode
PAPETERIE: Katja Iakovlieva
MAKE-UP: Nicole Le Makeup Artist




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