Adorably Bohemian-Hippie Look with Light & Lace Bridal dresses


Dreamy light flows through the forest. Endlessly high trees ascend into heaven, endlessly far into the valley one can see.

It got silent, not a single breeze to hear. Everything holds its breath, delighted by the sight of this couple.

Natural, open-minded and full of love the world is theirs. Visible, noticeable, almost graspable is their alliance.

Far away from hustle and bustle of a big wedding they enjoy a life of togetherness, with eyes only for one another.

These impressive pictures shot by photographer Lene Photography show how wonderfully light- hearted and feathery the romantic bohemian sense of life can be.

Obviously effortlessly she drew attention to this stunning long-sleeved Light & Lace dress and proofed its variability impressively.

By using different accessories and combining it with various details model “Ivy” from Light & Lace turns every bride into an overwhelming unicum of all kinds of styles.

Lene Photography captured the outlandishness of this amazing dress for us on camera. So get comfortable and enjoy this cute couple…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0001light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0002light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0003light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0004light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0005light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0006light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0007light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0008light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0009light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0018light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0010light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0011light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0012light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0013light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0014light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0015light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0016light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0017light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0022light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0019light-and-lace-hippie-bohemian-shoot 0021


FOTOGRAFIE: Lene Photography
BRAUTKLEID: Light & Lace
BRAUTSTYLING: Angelika Conis
FLORISTIK: TausendSchön – Oerlinghausen




           La Chia





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