Unforgettable Proposal


Peacefully it bores its way to the front until it reaches the cliffs. That’s where a tame river becomes a powerful waterfall that plunges down to earth.

Its sight is magical, fascinating its power. Yet it is similar to love: endless, safe and always present.

And that’s what makes it the perfect place for one of the most emotional moments in the lives of two lovers! The moment that changes everything. The moment he proposes to her…

The only way to make this moment even more perfect is to have a photographer capturing these valuable minutes of love and emotions on camera – just like Brandon and Amanda did.

“Brandon planned the perfect proposal. He kidnapped Amanda from work, flew her to Portland, drove her to The Gorge, and arranged to have us – the photographers of A Fist Full of Bolts – to wait at the waterfall for the moment when Brandon dropped to one knee.” the picture artists told. „The following day, we photographed their beautiful engagement session. The emotion and love was so thick, it was as though you could reach out and touch it…”

So much effort and preparations were of course recompensed with a „Yes I do!” and that’s how these magical pictures of Brandon and Amanda came into being.

Here we show the fascinating work done by the photographers Sean and Melanie from A Fist Full of Bolts

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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