Tamara and Tom – Moments Of Love


Vienna’s racecourse at the Freudenau takes its visitors into the sleepy world of Sleeping Beauty.

Unaffected by the hectic activities in the city it reminds of bygone eras.

The sophisticated architectonic frame tells exciting stories of famous horse derbies from the late 19th century

This historic ambience became the setting for Tamaras and Toms adorable love-shooting with their photographer Maria Luise Bauer.

Both got hugged by the magical atmosphere and enjoyed their time of togetherness.

Smitten looks, loving teasing and dear words were this day’s centre of attention. Tamara and Tom radiated infectious vitality and refreshing naturalness.

The beautiful pictures shot by Maria Luise Bauer reflect their sincere closeness and let us dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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