Today we take you on a journey to the lovely region of Puglia. The heel of the boot of Italy offers a wide variety of pictorial coasts, impressive landscapes and national parks as well as a great number of historic cities that tell about their ancient culture.

Silvie of my italian wedding is a very successful wedding planner based in Venice.

Her biggest birthday wish was a romantic love-shooting with her husband Gianluca. Together they travelled to Puglia to enjoy dearly moments of togetherness.

Trulli is an old masseria embedded in untouched nature. Old olive trees, typically southern vegetation and the deeply blue ocean make this piece on earth so special.

Sylvie and Gianluca appreciated the silence of the country life and their time of laid-back togetherness.

The Italian picture artist Andrea Antohi shot expressive images that leave a lasting impression and help us dive into the breathtaking atmosphere of Puglia´s landscape.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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