Steffi and Tom – charming Vintage DIY Wedding


It’s a golden autumnal day, colorful leaves adorn the ways and the sun seems to shine brighter than ever before. With good cause: she’s announcing the most beautiful day in the lives of Steffi and Tom who are getting married today.

Among familiar faces surrounded by their nearest and dearest they celebrated a”light-vintage” wedding with countless DIY details – like the stationery, the table plan and the wedding cake – that turned this party into a very personal and individual event.

A light pink thread ran through their entire decoration, attended by shades of creme and beige. Finesses made of linen and lace as well as hand made flower bouquets created a down-to-earth atmosphere. Lots of wood, ancient metal fittings and old masonry granted their ceremony a touch of vintage.

Steffis and Toms atmospherical blessing in the adorably decorated old barn was especially touching. Together the gorgeous couple walked into their future – wearing a custom-made white dress and an exquisite suit. Cheerful laughter and some happy tears from their guests attended them on their way.

Photographer Siegrid Cain had the honor to share this emotional day with Steffi and Tom and caught their most beautiful moments on camera.

Now enjoy some amazing pictures shot by the great artist Siegrid Cain Photography with us and let her catapult you into seventh heaven!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Siegrid Cain Photography
BRAUTKLEID: Maßanfertigung von Schneiderfliege Christian Wenger, Salzburg
LOCATION: Hotel Römischer Kaiser, Ellingen
CATERING: Hotel Gasthof zur Sonne, Fam. Glück, Pappenheim
BARSERVICE: Cocktails Castro Mobile Bar, André de Castro, Nürnberg





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