Shea and Kyle – ENDLESS LOVE

Moss-covered hills shimmer orange and green, far in the distance you can still see them. Gras covers rocks, little bushes rise between fissures. Silence. The silent sough of the wind is the only thing we hear.

Steep are the cliffs but in his arms she feels secure. Resolutely he reaches for her hand to protect and hold her. With him on her side she can do everything – that´s for sure.

She feels safe in his arms, trusts him and listens to his heart. It beats exclusively for her.

For their engagement shoot Shea and Kyle chose an especially magical place – together with Tyler Rye they captured wonderful moments between idyllic hills and steep cliffs.

Tyler Rye now shares his breathtaking pictures with us to let us feel what he felt that day: true love and big emotions.

Translation: Marina Jenewein

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