Sarah and William – elegant garden wedding

Perfectly trimmed bushes as far as the eye can see, no leaf touches the ground. Finest gravel adorns the ways, leads splendidly through the park. Gracefully a fountain spouts, surrounded by neat hedges. This estate appears historic, exclusive and ancient, perfect in form and groomed.

An exclusive antique car slowly comes along. Brilliantly white and glamorous. A bride steps out, as beautiful and flawless as the car. Flower girls lead her the way, one expects her.

The adorable couple Sarah and William longed for an elegant yet slightly romantic wedding that underlines their personality as lovers.

What an exciting job for event stylist Megan from Enjoy Events Co. She told: „Sarah & William’s wedding was the perfect blend of sophistication with a bohemian twist. They wanted a celebration that was elegant but relaxed, black tie but not stuffy and romantic but not girly. Designing each detail for their day from their wedding programs tied to rattan fans with ribbon, to their dinner menus set with rattan chargers mixed with cut crystal glasses was the perfect blend of boho and sophistication. I teamed up with some of my favorite vendors to make their day come to life from the beautiful flowers and grasses, elegant tabletop rentals, unique edison bulb lighting and Moroccan pillows and blankets which all provided the ultimate blend of whimsical beauty for their day.”

Michael Radford had the pleasure to attend this gorgeous couple on this special day. Obviously effortlessly he managed to capture all the beauty and elegance in all its glory on his camera. Come with us and get seduced by the youthful freshness of Sarah and William…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael Radford Photography
VENUE: Beaulieu Gardens
FLORAL DESIGN: Shotgun Floral Studio
WEDDING DRESS: Mira Zwillinger c/o Mark Ingram Atelier
MAKE-UP + HAIR: The Glamourist
GROOM’S ATTIRE: Brioni, Del Toro Custom Shoes
INVITATIONS: Little Miss Press
DAY OF PAPER GOODS: Enjoy Events Co.
CATERING: Paula le Duc
RENTALS: Frances Lane
LOUNGE: One True Love Vintage Rentals
LINENS: La Tavola
VINTAGE CAR RENTALS: Classic Convertible Wine Tours





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