When Love Bonds…


Barefooted and smitten they stroll along the beach, pausing here and there at quiet places. Taking their guitars to give notes to their love.

Their gestures are familiar and their looks deep. A shy glance for him, a tender kiss for her – this couple doesn´t need words.

Deep feelings and specially composed melodies bond their hearts from now on for ever.

Today photographer Charla Storey shares her spectacular images from the great Forage And Fern Workshop with Magnolia Rouge in Carmet Valey, California, with us!

Type A Society took care of the magnificent setting and design for this incredible engagement shooting for the gorgeous couple of the band Tigers in the Sky.

Romantic, authentic and natural – not only the cute couple clicked perfectly.

In an impressive way Charla Storey not only captured big emotions but even this day´s little niceties skillfully. Now enjoy a peek into her stunning gallery of pictures with us!

Text: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Charla Storey Photography
FORAGE & FERN WORKSHOP: with Magnolia Rouge
STYLING: Type A Society
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jess Wilcox
FLORALS: Ponderosa & Thyme
CLOTHING: Models own + Hackwith Design
MODELS: Casey & Lionel from Tigers in the Sky    

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