Looking at this breathtaking couple-shooting of Maria and Adrian lets our heart skip a beat!

They are such a likable pair and we can´t stop watching them. The attractive twosome forms a modern and exotic contrast to the lushly green Alpine meadows and silent nature.

Love fills the air, summer feeling comes up and the beautiful landscape quickens our mood and invites our souls to come on a dreamy trip with them.

With his fascinating snap shots picture artist Rico Grund makes a lasting impression on us.

What a heavenly pleasure to dive into the amazing paradise of pictures shot by the talented photographer.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAF: Rico Grund
BRAUTKLEID: Lilly bei Brautatelier Ehingen
ANZUG: Neil Barrett
BLUMEN: Florales
LOCATION: Eselsburger Tal bei Ulm




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