Laura and Miguel – Hugged By Love

Lauras chic bohemian hat blows softly in the wind and her gorgeous dress designed by Rembo Styling nestles to her graceful silhouette.

Hand in hand with Miguel and totally happy she strolls along the idyllic alleys of Ses Salines on Majorca. Everyone can see their perfect luck – hugged by life and love they enjoy these moments of togetherness.

During sundown Tali from Tali Photography created a fascinating world of pictures that goes right under our skin.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0001laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0002laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0003laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0004laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0005laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0007laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0020laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0008laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0009laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0010laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0011laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0012laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0013laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0014laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0015laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0016laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0017laura-miguel-elopement-mallorca 0018


FOTOGRAFIE: Tali Photography
KLEID: Rembo Styling
LOCATION: Ses Salines / Mallorca




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