Kyndra and Trevor – Forever Soul Mates

Subtle light summer dresses sparkle under Texas´ sun. In proper style combined with ankle- and cowboy boots holding little foliage- bouquets in their hands the girls wait eagerly…

Their counterparts: young bearded men – casual yet not too much – with suspenders and tie bows. They are also waiting patiently for a very special ceremony: the eternal alliance of two soul mates.

From the first moment Kyndra and Trevor knew that they are meant for each other. Today, their wedding day, is supposed to be the coronation of their deep and unconditional love.

The pictures shot by the French photographer Marion Heurteboust – who was flown in just for this wedding – seem down-to-earth, rustic and eased. Marion was honored to become a witness of a very special day and this unique conjunction.

A little DIY, a smack hippie, a touch vintage, a whiff bohemian chic combined with lots of brightly shining sun, laughing faces and the typically Texan atmosphere were Kyndras and Trevors ingredients for a wonderfully unconventional party.

The talented photographer Marion Heurteboust succeeded in eternalizing countless personal and individual details as well as the most beautiful and most emotional moments of this wedding. Kyndra and Trevor will never ever forget this incomparable day! Even we can´t stop looking at those pictures…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0001kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0002kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0003kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0004kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0005kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0006kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0007kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0008kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0009kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0010kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0011kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0012kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0013kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0014kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0015kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0016kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0017kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0018kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0018akyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0019kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0021kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0022kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0023kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0025kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0026kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0027kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0028kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0029kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0032kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0031kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0033kyndra-trevor-bohemian-wedding 0034



PHOTOGRAPHER: Marion Heurteboust
VENUE: Vista West Ranch
SHOES: Steve Madden
JEWELLERY: Free People, Anthropologie, Gypsy Junkie
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Allyson Gilbert and Liz Martin
RIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Free People, Urban Outfitters and Etsy
GROOMS ATTIRE: H&M and Jack Threads
CAKE: Love Birds Sweets (other sweets from Grandma Donna)
FLORALS: Mother and Bridesmaids
PLANNER: Bride and her mother
CATERER: The Peached Tortilla




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