Clouds veil the sky. The horizon seems drawn, the waves underneath make gentle waves.

Max kisses Karo on the back of her head, together with the dress her blond hair lightens the dark of the tides. She wears a braid full of golden rhinestones. His look wanders to her hands – her nails are painted black, matching his bow tie and tweed jacket.

Both look into the distance, engrossed in embrace. Their future´s only a few foot steps away.

A single feather wants to pervade the earth to the top. Thousands of dead grass stalks try the same. A silver tablet stands on a dune holding black and white candles, silver and copper jars. The bride carries the tablet while he´s waiting at the beach for her, holding sand in his hands.

They share deep looks. Even if the diverge they keep turning around to each other. No matter how stormy days might get the decision for one another is made.

A gentle kiss unites them, together they stride towards the shore. He puts his arms around her shoulder, she holds on to them carefully. Silence. Little lights in the distance draw the day which soon will leave us.

Impressed by the expressive pictures shot by Julia & Gil we betake this intense journey into the world of big emotions.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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KLEID: Elfenkleid
ANZUG: asos
FLORISTIK: Saxonia Quedlinburg
AUSSTATTER: Kunst & Kostbar
MODELS: Karolina und Max



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