Grace and Paul – Time´s A River


“If you have built castles in the sky.
Let not your dreams go to waste;
Just build the foundations under them.”

Henry David Thoreau


It is June. The air is filled with the scent of early summer, blooming blossoms and lush greenery.

We are in Northern Ireland. A country that is known for little sunshine. But there is one that shines brighter than all of them together. Someone who peeks self-confidently through the veil. The bride is ready for the most important day of her life.

For this special day she chose a castle covered in grey walling that contrasts wonderfully with the white table cloth and light pink flowers.

The invitations are simple and beige with classical swung calligraphy. A white detailed created seal determines Grace’s and Paul’s fortune. Wooden boats are sailing around the castle and its chapel on which the bridal couple and their guests cruise the river into their future.

Their wedding theme is inspired by Henry David Thoreau, an author who lived in the forest for a long time. All one and all by himself. But that’s nothing the bride wants to hear about today. All she wants is to approach the dreams and wishes of his lines; nothing is more beautiful than getting lost in thoughts together.

Irish country air soars between the crowd. The river runs far, bushes and trees carry the water into nature. Sculptures made of plants are standing everywhere. And walls full of soot, too.

Contrastive the bride wears a dress adorned with pearls yet its cut breaks all the patterns. Thoreau would have liked it. Or as he would say: “Time is just the river I´m fishing in.”

The exceptional talents of Pearl & Godiva planned this adorable wedding with so much passion for details and impressively drew attention with stylistically confident and creative decoration.

We´re beguiled by the atmospheric images shot by picture poet Pia Clodi of peaches & mint. This is what heaven must feel like…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: peaches & mint by Pia Clodi
VENUE: Crom Castle
DECORATION : Pearl & Godiva
TORTE: Lily Cupcake
FLORISTIK: Floral Earth
PAPETERIE: Magva Design & Letterpress



peaches mint-klein1

      peaches & mint



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