Hand in hand they stroll across spacious meadows where grasses bow devoutly with the wind of love. They bow affirming as if they knew this couple´s lives been changed by saying “yes” to each other.

Elke and Stefan chose nature´s glory between tall trees and dancing grass stalks to listen to old treetops whispering the mother of all questions: will you marry me?

It´s an engagement shoot with photographer Kerstin Weidinger deep in the woods. A natural scenery that says good bye to summer day by day carrying the gentle silence of winter inside. Here, among fir sprigs and meadows, Elke and Stefan pledge their endless love under the oath of a soon marriage. Romance and natural force have always been a good match.

Two dark shapes wander quietly across moss-covered paths, along aged fir trees and rotten wood which probably have seen lots of love passing by the last years. Time flies and turns young sprouts into heavy foliage to smooth the way for hopeful steps of youthful lovers.

Love catches and releases us whimsically until she sways us to stay just by asking this one sweet question. And lets us keep a forest walk like this forever on our mind. Just like Elke and Stefan will never ever forget this day…


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   Kerstin Weidinger

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