Dani and Armin – Hallstatt Engagement


The mountaintops seem higher than they used to. Graceful swans appear whiter than usual. Hallstatt fronts up brighter and more charming than ever. And its lake glimmers more turquoise than it used to…

The reason for all that is a smitten couple, newly engaged and overly happy.

Dani and Armin found each other to walk the rest of their paths together. Far away from the shore they glide across the lake as a beginning of their mutual way.

In front oft he magnificent backdrop of strung together mountains and the dense little houses alongside the shore Dani and Armin met their photographer Carolin Anne for this lovely engagement-shooting to announce their upcoming wedding.

Now let Carolin Anne Fotografie take us to the Hallstätter See where time seems to stand still for a moment…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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Carolin Anne Fotografie







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