Claudia anD  Christian – Dream Wedding On Hofgut Maisenburg


Excited and full of anticipation she slips into her nude-colored Patricia Vincent dress. Some nervous hands help her getting ready. Just a couple more hand grips to finish her styling.

When Claudia walks towards the altar all eyes are on her. But she only has eyes for him: Christian, love of her life. A shy smile darts across her face. Soon she will be his wife…

After the ceremony a flawlessly white VW Beetle convertible takes them to their reception. A gorgeous sweet table from Heike Krohz with cookies, macaroons, little Gugelhupfs and a stunning cake in the wedding colors light blue, light pink and pink await the couple and their guests.

Afterwards photographer Daniela Reske took the smitten and newly-wed couple into nature for a couple-shoot. Claudia and Christian enjoyed their undisturbed time of togetherness with holding hands, kissing, laughing and exchanging intense looks.

Everyone invited celebrated this special day in a wonderfully unsophisticated manner among the unforgettable ambience of Hofgut Maisenburg and danced through the night.

The location´s rustic barn-atmosphere in combination with subtle yet harmonious decoration, amazing flower arrangements, playful light chains and live music turned this wedding into a one-of-a-kind event.

The wonderful photographer Daniela Reske had the pleasure to witness all these special moments and caught them on refreshing and impressing pictures for us…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Daniela Reske
LOCATION: Hofgut Maisenburg Hayingen
KLEID: Patricia Vincent
SWEET TABLE: Heike Krohz – Süß und Salzig
MUSIK: Villa Musica, Tübingen




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