Would you like to join us on a very special adventure trip?

We´ll take you to the majestic Dachstein Mountains! Angelika and Siegfried spend all their time off on the mountains. That´s how they came up with the idea of an after wedding shoot at a crevasse.

It was a huge challenge for photographer Markus Schneeberger to climb up the mountain with 10kg of equipment on his back.

For their own safety they booked mountain guide Christian Stangl who guided them into high alpine regions at brightest sunshine.

After 5 hours of preparation they were ready to shoot – securely fastened on a rope Angelika and Siegfried glided down the crevasse in their wedding outfits to pose for their photographer.

Looking at the spectacular pictures shot by Markus Schneeberger for the first time was jaw-dropping!

We are so excited to present you his impressive world of pictures and take a bow to the imposing performance of the great photographer as well as to the adventurous couple´s guts.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0001after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0002after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0003after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0004after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0005after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0006after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0007after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0008after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0008aafter-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0009after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0009aafter-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0010after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0012after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0012aafter-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0013after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0016after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0017after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0014after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0011after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0020after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0019after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0022after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0023after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0018after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0031after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0022aafter-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0024after-wedding-dachstein-gletscher 0026


FOTOGRAFIE: Markus Schneeberger Photography
BERGFÜHRER: Christian Stangl
LOCATION: Gletscher Hoher Dachstein




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