Designer Bettina Hirtreuter is the talented mastermind of the label therese & luise.

Since 2011 she creates gorgeous wedding dresses for brides who are looking for the special something of simplicity and want to stay true to themselves on their wedding day. Plain at first sight yet casually elegant designed with rafined draperies.

Bettina Hirtreiter uses upper-class materials as well as finest lace and even gets premium-quality fabrics manufactured.

We couldn’t wait for the new 2016 collection of therese & luise to be released! So today we are more than happy to present you some of her most beautiful designs.

The surrealistic illustrations of the Mexican painter Gabriel Pacheco inspired the designer to this adorable shooting. 20 new designs made of Georgette, floral patterned jacquard, organza and lace show lovely details like decorative button tapes, spectacular cleavages on the back and variable looks that let bridal dreams come true.

Together with blogger Nicola Neubauer of Verrückt nach Hochzeit the designer created the dainty bridal dress Holly, that wants to capture the easiness of an unpretentious garden party. Part of the youthful short dress is a pretty little lace jacket adorned with a cute Peter Pan collar and a button on the back.

Now let’s get carried away by the amazing dresses designed by therese & luise

Translation: Marina Jenewein


therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0001therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0002therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0003therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0003atherese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0004therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0006therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0007therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0008therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0020therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0009therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0010therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0011therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0011atherese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0013therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0015therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0016therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0017therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0017atherese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0018therese-und-luise-brautkleider-kollektion-2016 0019




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