You find princess dresses boring and are looking for a bridal gown that’s trendy and youthful and reflects your own personality?

Then you’ll make a find at küssdiebraut. The 2016 collection of the talented designer Kerstin Mechler represents a modern style with casual combinations and an urban touch.

The designer is enamored by the style of the 70’s and precious vintage looks. Of course there are pretty petticoat-bridal dresses as well!

They grant this collection it’s cheeky retro touch and cheerfulness. Adorable loose dresses spread boho glamour from the 20’s and even the modern hippie-bride doesn’t come off badly.

Noble, plain and authentic – that’s how a 2016 bride feels in one of the delicate silk and lace dresses of küssdiebraut.

Various facets and innovative materials keep küssdiebraut diversified and exciting in 2016.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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