Grace Loves Lace – Untamed Romance


The Australian Bridal Fashion label Grace Loves Lace stands for free-spirit and natural elegance.

„Untamed Romance” is the new collection designed by this modern and youthful label. Among Australia’s wilderness they captured every single piece of this collection on expressive pictures shot by Kane Skennar.

Wherever romance fills the air, adventures wait for daredevils and horses and people become one wildly natural beauty dominates.

Hugged by stunning and vivid nature the dresses designed by Grace Loves Lace spread teasing sensuality and graceful femininity.

Let´s get carried away by these gorgeous dresses which you order online at Grace Loves Lace for a price between $ 490,00 and $ 3.300,00 – be a unique bride!

Translate: Marina Jenewein


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BRIDAL DRESSES: Grace Loves Lace
VIDEO: Beren Hall
MAKE-UP: Ania Milczarczyk
HAIR: Elina Valttila
ART DIRECTON: Megan Ziems + Julia Koenig
MODELS: Gigi Midgley + Monica Clarke




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